Offshore Udvikling


Building managed team

Planning to start a project?

Let us help you to setup an development team that works exclusively for you from our offices. Together we will build a team of talented people that will achieve your business goals.

Team extension

Are you looking for people but cannot find any with the right skills?

We can help you to extend your current team with specialists tailored to your exact needs. We ensure a successful cooperation that fits your current standards, processes and company culture.

Handling remote staff

Working with freelancer or considering to hire some?

We will handle accounting (including PE) and take care of all invoicing. You only would pay once at the end of a month. We also help with providing your freelancers with any equipment needed.

Administrating offices

Are you looking for your own office?

Let us help you find an office and take care of running the administration so you can focus on your people. Also we can support you with any additional staff function you may need.